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Pamela M. Derby

Holyoke, Massachusetts. U. S. A.
Resident of St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles since 1979

Since 1979, Pam has been involved in many aspects of promotion and execution of Carnival shows and other entertainment productions, including ticket distribution and collection, accounts receivable and payable, ticket sales at the venues, deposits and balancing of revenues for over 35 productions for Clarence Derby Entertainment N.V. 

Pam managed retail stores for Mullet Bay Resort at the Promenade. Her responsibilities  included; purchasing, receiving, inventories, managing of 23 store managers and workers including hiring, scheduling and maintenance of retail outlets to Mullet Bay standards. In the past Pam was an exercise trainer for Mullet Bay Resorts, which included giving daily classes at a prescribed time and the personal training of guests. She was also a program director of children’s activities for 3 to 12 year olds visiting the resort. Pam currently manages the fitness center at the Towers at Mullet Bay.

Pam is responsible for the tracking of ticket distribution, the direction of personnel involved in gate management, backstage catering, concession sale reconciliation, issuing of vehicle and VIP passes, inventory purchases and management, direct ticket sales and reconciliation of revenues of the St. Maarten SummerFest.

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