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Jennifer A Derby

St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Having grown up in a household that was centered around music its no wonder Jennifer follows in her father’s footsteps right into the entertainment industry. Born and raised on the island of St. Maarten, she has always participated in the concerts and other events promoted and organized by her father Clarence Derby. With countless years of experience executing Carnival Shows of various genres, the execution and planning of the St. Maarten / St. Martin SummerFest events come only as another welcome challenge to her.

Born just twenty some years ago at the then St. Rose Hospital in the Capital Philipsburg, Jennifer completed her education here on this island and went on to pursue a tertiary education in the United States. Her Master’s Program, the Maters of Arts in International Business obtained from the prestigious University of Florida, allowed her the opportunity to study in four countries on three continents throughout the world. Bringing her educational background into the folds of the Festival has also been an irreplaceable asset to the Foundation.

Aside from her full time job, Jennifer still finds time to volunteer for the St. Maarten Festival Foundation. Mostly centered around the marketing and organizing of the Summerfest, her duties run the gamut from ticket sales and distribution, running the concessions booth at the venue, and preparing press releases, and other promotional materials amongst others. Her “Pet Project” for this year’s SummerFest, the St. Maarten / St. Martin SummerFest Shopping Spree Magazine, a new venture for Jennifer, has also come as an exciting new challenge to her.

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