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Andy Wescott

St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Andy Wescott was born and raised in St. Maarten. He attended Pace University in New York, where he majored in management and minored in economics. After he attained his BBA through a government scholarship, Andy came home to St. Maarten to contribute to his community, as he felt a need to give back as an appreciation. He started working at the St. Maarten Lottery as marketing director of sales & marketing, expanding sales, number of outlets, and the general visibility of the St. Maarten Lottery tremendously.

Simultaneously, Andy opened his first business venture—a small deli, which later grew into a full fledge restaurant, presently called the Sugar Cane Cafe, located on the premises of one of the island’s most busiest casinos; the Atlantis World Casino.

Andy is also Managing Director of Mikand SXM Prisma, an established and recognized advertising agency that deals with a variety of companies on St. Maarten and aboard. As MD, Andy manages the daily operations, negotiates the contracts with customers, deals with manufacturers, and business development.

Andy has always been entrepreneurial: he sees opportunities and at times does not hesitate to take advantage of these opportunities. In addition, he has helped organize and hosted large events, which range from international modeling shows to the current St. Maarten/St. Martin Summer Festival.

Always seeking to expand his horizons, Andy has ventured into the Summer Festival arena. He is Vice-President of the St. Maarten/St. Martin Festival Foundation, organizers of the St. Maarten/St. Martin Summer Festival. Andy works closely with the president in dealing with operations, governmental affairs, contractual developments, community relations, negotiating with artist and private sponsors.

Andy’s convinced that the St. Maarten/St. Martin Summer Festival will help put St. Maarten/St. Martin on the map as one of the Caribbean’s premiere festival destination, which will further help to increase the island’s tourism while boosting its economy on a whole.

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